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"Two or more people actively engaged in pursuit of a definite purpose with a positive mental attitude, constitute an unbeatable force."
~ Napoleon Hill

"Next Level Networking"
The Dinners @Mastermind City

Linda specifically designed this special series for @Mastermind City, one of Global Business Strategist @Fay Chapple's brands.

These Exclusive High Level Mastermind Dinners will bring together the right group of people, in a stunning atmosphere of fine food, fine wine, and fine connections.

Learn how you can get on the list by contacting Linda and requesting an application.

*This event is by invitation only.

 "You don't build business, you build people... and then people build the business."  
~ Zig Ziglar

Connect With Brilliant Leaders

There is great value in an introduction. It creates an environment where ideas and collaboration can be fostered.

"Surround yourself with others who discuss, inspire and share visions and ideas"

Break Bread With Global Influencers

There is luxury in surrounding yourself with influencers.   You stretch beyond your boundaries and when you share ideas and insights with others it holds value in multitudes.

 "The next best thing to being wise oneself... is to be in a circle of those who are."  
~ C.S. Lewis

Your Network "IS" Your Networth

Create greater prosperity and success in your life. Surround yourself with those that support, encourage and influence you. The most effective environment you want to be in is with people you want to emulate.

YES, I Want An Application To Attend!

The Dinners @Mastermind City are for highly motivated entrepreneurs who want to elevate their business for EXPONENTIAL growth!  *This event is limited to 20 attendees.