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We've Got An Event For That!

Everywhere you look in the entrepreneur and business professional’s world there is an event taking place somewhere. Anything and everything to do with business is presented for you to explore.

  • Are you looking for ways to innovate your business and need to find the latest and greatest tech-tools available?
  • Is it time to ramp up your marketing through social media and you need both an understanding of how to use and which platforms are the best for your specific business goals?
  • Do you need to refine your pitch, develop a signature talk, learn how to connect with people and build up your networks?
  • Are you starting from scratch and need to know where to start or have you been in business for a while and need to find new avenues and fresh ideas to take your business to the next level?

Whatever you need, I assure you there is an event, a workshop or a conference out there, ready to assist you to expand your business, advance your professional development and heighten your Brand....

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Who You Network With is NOT Always Your Target Market!

entrepreneurs networking Apr 04, 2016

t's Networking Day! You are headed to a promising networking event! You walk into a room armed and ready!  You are in "networking mode". You have your elevator pitch down pat! You have done your mantras, your visualization for success and you have enough business cards to hand out to everyone in the room.

You arrive, you smile and have some great introductions, you hand out "ALL" those business cards, you head home after a fabulous event and.......... nothing! WHAT THE HECK!?!

Welcome... to the reality of networking. 

One of the biggest misconceptions entrepreneurs have is that who they network with will be who does business with them. WRONG! Oh, you will get the small percentage of people you meet at a networking event that may purchase your product, or sign up for your service, but those people were already looking for your product or service and you just happened to be at the right networking event at the right time.

Ask yourself this question. WHY do I go to...

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