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After 27 Years In The Auto Industry On An Assembly Line , Linda Ventured Into The World Of Entrepreneurship!

Linda’s passion IS people. She is a sought after keynote speaker and trainer who talks to the audience about WHY building relationships before business is so import for professional longevity and how to bring value to building a successfully growing business.

Using strategies and tools, Linda helps others overcome the overwhelm of meeting people, engaging in small talk to become the person everyone in the room wants to know, do business with and refer people to.

Linda’s specializes in networking strategies for individuals, business and groups to create long lasting relationships and follow-up systems for increased referrals and improved customer and client retention.

Linda hosts High Level Events & Exclusive Mastermind Dinners around the globe.  She offers corporate and group training, online webinars and training programs on the subjects of networking, follow-up and more through her company Linda Sztanko International.

Linda is a published author and a multiple award winning entrepreneur.

Who I Used to Be...

I always knew that I could be more. The problem was I was too shy, had little self-esteem and absoltuley no idea how I could achieve what was in my dreams of being the real me.

It was only after dealing with an illness that landed me in bed 80% of the time for 12+ Years, "releasing" cancer 3X, moving on from an difficult first marriage, the threat of losing my livelihood with the decline of the auto industry, that was I forced myself to make a change.

I made decisions that completely changed my life, let me start living as who I was meant to be and providing for my family with a lifestyle, instead of just surviving.

Who I am Today...

Finding the right mentors, coach and success groups brought me to where I am today.  

I feel healthier than I ever have, I enjoy my life more than I ever did and I get to make a viable living doing what love.

I have a strong personal faith-walk and a love for all people. I have great joy when I am giving a KeyNote, training a team, coaching or creating programs that can make a significant difference in the lives of the people I get the honour to work with.  

As a bonus, I get help others also get unstuck, so they too can live the live of their dreams.

What's In My Future...

I believe that we are all a work in progress.  I also believe that we have only one Go-Round in this Crazy thing called Life!  I have no idea where I will ultimately end up... but it do know that incredible opportunities will continue to present themselves and that I will embrace many of them. I will continue to speak, creating programs and expand the networking mastermind dinners in exciting and exotic places, so those who want to SURROUND THEMSELVES WITH SUCCESS.... can do just that!  I also KNOW that I will continue on this venture of "Entrepreneurism" with the intention to help others, inspire many and influence others to step out of the corner and into the conversation with me. AND.... I will have a great time doing it!