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Whether you need one-on-one coaching, wanting to do online training, require a workshop facilitator for your group / team or are looking for an inspiring keynote. Linda is amazing at all things "people".


Networking & Follow-up are not always easy. You might need extra help to figure out what's holding you back.  You may need help designing some strategies. You may need to fast-track your success when the luxury of time to figure it out on your own isn't there. I will work with you to figure out whats working, what's not working and assist in designing customized plan that takes you from where you are now to where you want to be in the future to ensure your networking & follow-up goals are successful.


Training & Programs

In business today, the reality is that you can not longer rely on old-school sales tactics and expect the sale to take place.  When you, your group or your team understand the dynamics of how to build strong connections and nurture those relationships,  you become the powerful tool to successfully grow your business. My programs will help you and your team develop expert skills in networking and effective follow-up strategies to increase your overall referrals and improve customer/client retention.



"Linda is an inspiring speaker who captures and keeps the audience engaged with her down-to-earth style." Linda has a unique ability to capture and engage the audience with your genuine story-telling style.  She will leave your audience with a smile on their faces and a spring in their step - ready to take on the world.  Whether you are looking for a keynote speaker or a customized tailored talk specific to your audience's needs, Linda covers a number of highly educational and motivational topics. 


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Meet Reverend Sztanko

Are you a woman of faith? I invite you to visit my website that focuses on a FaithWalk for Women. 


"I needed to make this extra effort to write and let you know the impact your network coaching has had on growing my corporate business. As you know, after being a therapist for 25+ years I can talk to people about the big stuff – death, trauma, grief, shame, anxiety – but when it comes to small talk, UGH! Before working with you, I dreaded cocktail parties, conferences, and “networking” events. Having to make small talk, or discuss superficial topics was limiting the growth of my business. Sure, I know I’m great at helping companies accelerate by ramping up their Emotional Intelligence, but in order to GROW my business, I’d have to get out there and network in order to let people know what I do in this new venture. I’m shocked that you don’t wear a cape, because your superhero power is truly superpowerful. You taught me not only how to enjoy meeting new people, but how to do it in a way that’s both strategic AND authentic. I don’t think I’ll ever be as savvy and skilled as you are in this department, but I’m definitely on the right track! "

Jennie Ormson
Relational Life Therapist

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